Why I Yanked My Daughter From Her Jewish Day School In The Middle Of The Year

To date, my decision to pull my second grader from her Jewish Day School has to be the most emotional experience of my 30 plus years on this planet. It was harder for me than my divorce and even more tumultuous than nearly losing my mother to leukemia.

As a Jewish immigrant from the former USSR, I grew up in an unapologetic Zionistic home. I always knew when I had children, they would go to a Jewish Day school, one of which would teach them to take great pride not only in their Judaism, but in the State of Israel.

So why, after 6 years at the same Jewish School, did I abruptly pull my daughter from the only school she had known?

It wasn’t the typical “the more money a family gave, the more control they had over everything” private school issue.

It wasn’t the fact the administration couldn’t decide wether they wanted a Reggio approach to the school, a “Montessori like” plan, or some other new curriculum trend that was making its way in the educational circles.

It wasn’t even the fact that we had to supplement my daughter’s education with a tutor for two years on top of the thousands of dollars in tuition we were paying as we became more aware that the school’s secular curriculum was becoming sub par to the public school’s in our area.

I was determined to do whatever it took to keep my child in a Jewish Day School that would teach her Zionism, and being a Jew, was something to be loud and proud of. Especially in a world that was becoming bamboozled by the BDS movement.

So what could have possibly pushed me over the edge? A Facebook post by the Head of School.

I had to blink a few times to understand what I was looking at…

Did the Head of School at my daughter’s Jewish Day School just post anti-Israeli propaganda to our school’s PUBLIC Facebook page?!

I was floored. Even after having many unpleasant interactions with this Head of School discussing her numerous attempts to separate Judaism and Zionism, I was shocked to see she would stoop this low.

I quickly called a girlfriend of mine to express my utter disgust. She simply replied “what do you expect from someone who refused to fly the Israeli flag outside the school until you made a huge stink about it?”.

I had enough. In a world where so many have such hostile negativities towards the only Jewish State, I refuse to not only send my daughter to a school that participates in this sort of brainwashing, but also having to pay an arm and a leg for it.

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