She Smiles, You Smile… A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Women

What makes women happy? That’s the question men around the world have been asking for ages. I can’t speak for everyone but I certainly know what puts a smile on MY face! Rest! I’m one of those people that needs sleep. And I need to relax. The last thing I feel when I’m tired and stressed is amorous. And if I’m rested, I’m in a good mood. And like most women, when I’m in a good mood, I want to have some fun (and I’m not talking about let’s go bowling type of fun).

Did I mention the majority of the country is experiencing Arctic like temperatures? So make sure she’s warm. Because when a woman is warm, she’s relaxed. And when she’s relaxed, well you get it…

Oh, and let’s not forget shoes! Or the “IT” piece this season for fashionistas- the fanny pack (yes, flashback to the 90’s). It’s safe to say a pair of Louboutin’s will set the mood. Throw in some sexy lingerie, flowers, and you’re set to have a great night!

So, if you’re STILL stumped about Valentine’s Day gift ideas after reading this, see below. And hopefully BOTH of you will be smiling on February 14th!

Let me know in the comments below what gift you’ve received or given in the past has made the best impression on Valentine’s Day!

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