Make Your Louboutin Heels Comfortable So You Actually Wear Them

I’ll never forget it, February 10th, 2002- the day my infatuation with Christian Louboutin shoes officially started.

It was Sunday evening and a new episode of Sex and the City was airing. I, like nearly every girl in their 20’s, was glued to my television watching Carrie shoe shop with Samantha in preparation for a date with Mr. Big. Carrie proceeded to spot nothing short of a pink piece of utopic shoe art in a Christian Louboutin store window and famously exhailing “Hello Lover”.

Now in my 30’s, I’m lucky to have amassed a sizeable collection of Louboutin’s, ranging in various styles and colors. My go Louboutin shoes are the “Pigalle” and “Pigalle Follies”, styles the designer brings back every year due to its classic shapes. My preferred height for Pigalles is the 100mm, which translates to a 4” heel, but the shoes also comes in a 120mm (4.8”) and 85mm (3.3”) option. The toe box of the Pigalle is smaller than the cult classic “So Kate”, giving your toes more flexibility in my opinion. The Pigalle heel is also slightly thicker, and hence more stable, than the “So Kate”.

I’m often asked how I wear my Pigalle’s for hours on end; in fact a few summers ago, I attended a wedding and danced for four hours straight in them without so much as an ouch.

Per the request of some girlfriend’s, I’ve put together a few industry secrets to make Louboutin heels actually wearable.

Sizing I’m generally a 9.5 US/39.5 IT in women’s shoes; however with Louboutin’s, I size up to either a 40.5 (US 10.5) or a 41 (US 11). The line is known for its EXTREMELY small cuts and I can’t even imagine the pain of squeezing my 9.5 US feet into a size 39.5 Louboutin.

Warm/Hot Shower and Lotion Prep Prior to wearing a new pair of Louboutin’s, I take a rather hot shower so my feet swell slightly from the water temperature. After my shower, I apply lotion and put my feet above me head as I’m laying down so the swelling just slightly decreases and I instantly put on a new pair of Louboutin’s.

As your feet go down to normal size, the Louboutin’s will conform to your feet. I generally keep them on for about 10 minutes and then walk for a few more after that to ensure comfort.

Maintenance As time goes on and the leather goes back somewhat to it’s original shape, you can repeat the steps above prior to wearing them. Over time, the shoe will maintain it’s new “molded” shape.

With the average price hovering around $675 US for a pair of Louboutin heels, I prefer to wear these beauties versus just longing at them in my closet. The above noted tips helps me do just that!

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