High heels, Crop Tops, and Little Girls: What the Hell is the Clothing World Thinking?

If you follow me on social media, my love for heels is pretty apparent. What I’m NOT a fan of is the retail industry pushing heels for little girls. My soon to be third grader came home from a shopping day with her grandmother and excitedly started showing me her new things. When she opened one of the shoe boxes and showed me a pair of tan booties with a 2″ chunky heel, my heart sank. Why in the world would an 8 year old little girl want, or NEED, a pair of heels?

“Do you like them Mama?” she happily asked me. I answered her that they’re gorgeous but meant for adult women, not little girls. Her smile quickly turned into a frown and her eyes clouded over. She put them back in the box and mumbled “well I love them”.

I wish this was the first time something like this happened but it wasn’t. Last summer she told me she wanted some crop tops. “New bathing suits?” I innocently asked. She replied “No, belly shirts, to show my stomach.” JAW. DROP.

Why in the world was the fashion world making belly shirts for little girls? Or high heels? And while I’m at it, T-shirts that read “I’m too pretty for math homework”?!

I decided to take a poll in some of the Mommy Groups I belong to on Facebook asking if little girls should be able to wear crop tops/belly shirts if they so desired. I lean on the conservative side when it comes to clothing so I was relieved a bit to see that a whopping 81% of mothers answer “NO” while 14% answered “sure why not?” and 5% were “not sure”.

I’m all for expressing myself through clothing (hot pink hair streaks anyone?) but I draw the line at high heels and belly shirts for children.

Let me repeat that, CHILDREN. Not a teen. Not a young woman.

She’ll have her entire life to find that perfect balance of “keep it feminine, but not too feminine… keep it sexy but not too sexy… keep it classic but a little edgy.” That balance that makes a lot of us crazy, especially in this current age of girl and women empowerment.

As her mother, it’s my job to keep her childhood and innocence in tact as long as possible. And in my home, that includes full length upper body clothing and shoes that are flat.

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