Gaza’s Dirty Dozen: Meet the 12 Reporters Pushing the Palestinian Lie

Gaza, Gaza, Gaza… it’s on every news channel, every media site. Even models are tweeting about it (Gigi Hadid). I took it upon myself to do a little digging into who exactly is feeding the public this “news”…

1.  On May 14th, the Washington Post’s Loveday Morris and Hazem Balousha claim “increased economic hardship” and “wider despair” have “fueled frustrations in Gaza”.

What Morris and Balousha DON’T say is that Gazans THEMSELVES set fire to the Kerem Shalom crossing, the only way Diesel Fuels get into the region; this fuel is used to run generators for hospitals.

BUT, it’s Israel’s fault the people of Gaza are self sabotaging themselves. MMMhmmm.

2. On May 14th during a White House Briefing, Al Jazeera’s Kimberly Halkett asked “… it’s only the Palestinians being killed. Should Israel not shoulder some of the blame?”

Ms. Halkett is apparently troubled that no Jews have died. Casualty figures are now being used a moral barometer?

3.  On May 15th, NPR’s Steve Inskeep said Palestinian rioters were shot by Israeli army sniper fire because “they were trying to leave Gaza”.

Let’s replace the “were trying to leave Gaza” with “infiltrate the Israeli border in order to kill as many Jews as possible” and Inskeep would have hit the nail on directly on the head.

4.  On May 15th, Reuter’s Dan Williams and  Nidal al-Mughrabi reported an 8 month old baby “died from [IDF] tear gas.” Gaza health officials themselves disputed this and went on record stating the baby girl, Layla Ghandoor, had a pre-existing condition that caused her death.

Forget the he said, she said for a minute. WHAT THE FU*K was an 8 month old baby doing at a violent protest in the first place? Shouldn’t we be asking THAT question?!

5.  On May 15th, the AP’s Anne Flaherty and Catherine Lucey (via the Chicago Tribune) reported “The Trump Administration has slashed U.S. Aid to the Palestinians infuriating them. Protests roiled the Gaza border, resulting in at least 37 Palestinians killed”.

Can we discuss for a moment WHY the Trump administration cut their aid in the first place?

Ever hear of “Pay to Slay?” It’s basically an easy way for a Palestinian to make some good cash- kill a Jew, get a salary for LIFE! Courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer.

Shame on the President for cutting a murder’s allowance {insert sarcasm here}.

7.  On May 16th, CNN’s Samantha Beech,  Salma Abdelaziz, and Richard Roth reported “Thousands of Palestinians gathered Tuesday for the grim task of burying the 60 protestors killed by Israeli troops.”

Fast forward to the following evening and Hamas officials claim 50 of their own “soldiers” as part of this figure. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m supposed to feel pity and sadness for terrorists? Um, no.

8. On May 16th, the New York Time’s David Halbfinger reported “Hamas’ Khalil al-Hayya blamed the United States for inciting the violence by moving its embassy to Jerusalem” and “the Embassy move is an abdication of any vestige of American impartiality”.

Didn’t President’s Clinton, Bush, AND Obama all state they want to move the U.S.Embassy from Tel Aviv to Israel’s capital of Jerusalem?

So what IS exactly causing the people of Gaza to riot and protest?

The Embassy move? No. The mobility of goods into Gaza? No. The fact that Jews are their neighbors living in their own autonomous and thriving country? YES.

Reporters can try and skew the facts all they want; the events happening in Gaza come down to one simple thing- old fashioned Jew hatred.

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