5 Fashion Trends That Need To Die ASAP!

The “I Swear It’s Real” Bag

NO it’s not a real Chanel. Please STOP saying it’s a real Chanel. Everyone KNOWS it’s a replica (even if we nod politely and smile).

Do yourself (and the world a favor) and invest in a lower price point bag like the ones below. Not only are they authentic and stylish, but you won’t look like a fool who is supporting the black market of fake handbags that’s linked to child slave labor and terrorism.

The Kardashian “I Have No Time For Pants” Look 

Even I’m guilty of this one myself; there’s nothing more simple than throwing on an oversized sweatshirt dress with sexy thigh high boots and heading out.

But with warm weather coming up, we can thankfully put the boots away and bring out open toe sandals.

AND slowly but surely, the world is getting sick of the Kardashians so let’s all agree to please stop dressing like them.

The “Let’s Make My Shoulders Look Like a Football Player” Top

From bloggers to housewives, I can’t help cringe every time I see someone wearing one of these tops. If you’re on the thinner side, they’re reminiscent of an early 2000’s frat party look from Arden B. If you’re on “bigger boned” side, you legit look like an overstuffed linebacker.

So if you have one of these hideous things lurking in your wardrobe, burn them ASAP. Don’t even donate them and subject another woman their hideousness.

The “Sports Bra and Stilettos” Look 

A lounge, restaurant, or club is  NOT a gym. Nor are they open roads to go for a run. Somewhere along the line, us women seemed to get this a tad confused and VOILA- this ridiculous trend came to be.

So if you want to show some cleavage and your bra at the same time, head to Victoria’s Secret, not Nike.

And we can thank the Kardashian’s this debauchery as well.

The “Don’t Even Think About Eating” Dress

Herve Leger to Bailey 44, so many brands jumped on this evil trend bandwagon.

What’s the criteria for actually wearing them AND pulling off these man made torture devices? Not eating or drinking a damn thing when you’re actually in them! Not a bite, not a sip, NOTHING. Because these satanic SOB’s will make you look like you’re pregnant in 2.5 seconds flat.

This is coming from someone who has a flat stomach and was congratulated on her second pregnancy while at a wedding a few summers ago wearing this gold HL bandage dress.

Side note: I wasn’t pregnant.

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